Mountain Prose by PJ
Divine Earth Mother

From deep within Earths belly you come.
Circling spiral, works your way to my heart.
Up to my world you hold me in your loving arms.
Healing me of  all my fear and dread.

Mother enlarge your bellys flame within me.
To breasts with arms hold me close.
Open my mouth to speak all pain from fear. 
To breathe in Life that you have already given me.

For you are Mercy to my fearful soul,
And Hope unto my loving heart.
You are Mother of the Earth that grows
New life within this old place.

You take the dying bud that bloomed last Spring
Down to the ground wherein you dwell.
You let it rest for Winters night.
And comes new life within your spell.

I will lay my head upon the shoulder 
Of the Mother who holds me there.
I will trust Her love to keep me filled
With joy and peace to stay.



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