Mountain Prose by PJ

Hope Maketh Not Ashamed 

Where do I go to find myself?
How do I get there to even start?
Can I find me once I am there?
Is there a me to find?

Hidden messages come to my heart.
I do not know how to Un-code their song.
They sing in language too strange for me.
I ask the makers to tell me what they sing.

Where are you when you do not know how to walk?
Where is the Path that leads you on your way?
There is no light or angels to tell me the answers
Nor goddes that will direct my path.

I am a leaf floating on the River of Life
The River knows where I should go and will take me there.
But the River is dry and barren leaving me without Her stream.
My leaf is caught on the sand bar where there is no water.

Father Sky and Mother Moon come talk to me in the night.
Let your light shine on my darkness and guide the way.
Do not leave me in this home that I can not indwell.
Show me how to swim, then walk and fly again.

An angry child so full of fear and boundless love.
My tears are the only River I knew.
They flow to the sides of my cheeks and fall
Way down to the ground and dry there, still.

Gather my tears in your bottle as promised.
Bring me blue ribbons for my bonnie blonde hair.
Oh Santa, bring gifts and my yellow dressed baby doll.
And my two front teeth that is all I ever wanted.

Rock me in your arms so gently and never leave me
And Hope maketh not ashamed !




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