Mountain Prose by PJ

Mountain Dragons

They lay one upon the other like camels sleeping,
Intertwined, they drape the roads I travel.
They are giant mountain dragons with their wrinkled backs
Lined with fur like fir trees and ever green.

They seek admiration lying there in the morning mist.
My heart soars like the hawk on watch.
I am in love with their peaceful waiting.
Ancient mounds that surround my life with beauty.

Oh, silent magicians, will you work your spell on me today?
Will you weave my heart into your cloth of browns and gold?
Will you teach me your ancient songs of war and peace?
And will you hide me in your arms when night comes?

You are my magic mountain dragons full of fierce beauty.
You are there to tell me your stories that will expand my life.
You sit patiently for me to come and sit at your feet and listen.
And you teach me how to be like you.  Grand and strong.

10/23/99 ©PJ


mountain background image created and © by John McLusky using Terragen enhancement.


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