Mountain Prose by PJ


Walk with me along this Path that winds
And curves up hill and down.
Talk to me as one who knows the way to go.
Let me hear your soft sweet voice
And then I'll know Im not alone

Sit with me 
beneath the sweet Hope tree
That spreads her branches lovingly.
Sing songs of joy and pain with me
Along this Path that we both see,
And then I'll know I'm not alone.

Dance with me to music's drum
And I shall lead, then turn to you.
You shall lead and hold me close
That I may know the steps to take,
And know that I am not alone.

Lay with me in dark of night
When so alone, I ache for Light.
Hold me in your arms and say
Into my ear, Its almost day!
And you are not alone.

Protector, collaborator, friend you be.
For you are me and I am thee.
And companion along the journey ~ we
Shall float the River as a leaf,
And I am not alone!


©Teri Sodd

PJ  10/17/99©
As I find the way to walk along side myself 
and be my own most loving Companion !



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