I took my very first flight of fantasy in Andre Norton's Witch World Series, where I especially related to her WereRiders. Then I discovered Marion Zimmer Bradley with her Darkover novels, Katherine Kurtz's Deryni Chronicles, Anne McCaffery's Dragon Riders of Pern, and last but not least, Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar.  I also fell in love with "LadyHawke", "Beast Master", and "Xena: Warrior Princess” on tv and the silver screen. 

From these printed works and entertainment screens, combined with my growing interest in role-playing, my joy in creativity with the written word, I created the character of Sirra as a blend of all those influences.   I originally intended for Sirra to be the central character of a continuing series that I call, “The Sirra Chronicles”, to complement my role-playing in fantasy forums  on America Online. 

Yet one cannot help but be inspired by the creative writing talents of others… and quite often, such collaboration produces magical pieces that are even more delightful than the efforts from one single writer or role-player. 

To this end, it is with great pride, pleasure, honor, and awe that I proudly welcome Sirra’s wonderful new companions and collaborators to those Chronicles.  They are:

  Ronin of Ryugu – played/written by Cltcgdss 
 SirrasRaven – played/written by Revenna2 
 Maxtheorphanboy – played/written by ChePodFinn 
 Myst of Clarity - played/written by Ladyjjin

It is my hope that The Sirra Chronicles will become the cornerstone of  a continuing, growing, living nucleus of tales with the addition of new writers and/or roleplayers as time goes by.  Be sure to check back here for the newest chapters as they are added.

Lynn aka EagleHart aka Sirra

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