A herstory lesson:

The term split feather is used to describe the twisted heritage of someone who does not have proof of their ancestry. Someone who has been orphaned from his or her people either by genetics, choice, rejection or other life experience. I am lesbian … I am a split feather from the tribe of heterosexuals. I am a split feather because I am pagan and do not follow the ways of Christians. I am a split feather by choice to leave my family and search out my spiritual destiny ...I am split feather because I cannot prove my links to the tribes in Iowa that bore my father's mother. I am split feather by choice in my solitary vows to the goddess and as I walk with you I am ....Splitfeathers

I write herstories, one-page fiction stories of pagan ways, and any semblance of reality is purely coincidental. I have been writing short stories and poetry since the age of eight. My work has been published privately and through small newspapers around the country.

I reside in Wisconsin and will be relocating to Colorado next spring unless Spirit calls me elsewhere to walk ....care well


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