Writing to Share Sister

"You stand silent Warrior, that cannot fair me well..."

The vessel womon stared at me as she sat across the campfire, and I heard her thoughts as plainly as if she had spoken to me.

A shiver caressed my heart and I felt its tremble waken a deeper part of me. I let the womon know her thoughts had not gone unnoticed by moving to her side in a quick step over the fire.

"Do you seek to share the pagan fire with me vessel womon?" My voice was much harsher than I intended, but it conveyed my need appropriately. It had been long webstrands since I had last tended flame and my soul ached for the source this womon carried in her eyes.

"Your name womon?" I asked, as I extended my wrists to her. She grasped them firmly as she stood. Her height leveled at my eyesight and I drew a deep breath.

"I am named for the Goddess, Diana. I carry her flame warrior, call me Artenimis, it means source of the Goddess in my web. And yes, I seek the pagan flame and it is you I choose to tend the fire with ...do you accept?"

My heart reeled as my mind sent prayers to bless the goddess for my good fortune. Before me stood no novice of the flame, as Artenimis stood before me as a fully empowered womon vessel, trained to give the kinds of pleasures my heart and soul sought. Without hesitation, I took my acceptance position before her. I kneeled, clasping her wrists so that the wings of our raptor brands touched. The caress was intense as she drew me up her length.

"Do not kneel to me warrior, you are my equal. We have no need of worship, less it be the altar 'tween your thighs or mine that we kneel. The Goddess has joined us for this destined heartstrand, I gladly greet you sister ...ho!"

"You grace me with your presence Artenimis. I am yours to own this night, claim me." And I as warrior I meant every word. I would lay aside my shield to honor this womon's need of a vessel womon. Two warriors, two vessels, blessed and unashamed to join by act of the mother ...so mote it be! We had found our flame and it was strong in our hearts, used to the toils of tending through ritual... act ... and emotion... this flame we walked the webstrands to defend and guide others through.

Without another word, and with only softly shared thoughts between us, we made our way past the campfires and toward the fielded meadow. A thoughtful couple had left a soft cloth stuffed with feathers for others to recline upon and we dragged it to a more secluded area. My heart was in the burden ...my muscles ached to cast this womon down and claim her.

"It is best to anticipate the joining ...and not get lost in the hunt." The elder's words echoed back to me from years of training.

Heeding the silence between us, Artenimis clasped her hand around my wrist as we walked, not needing the touch but wanting it, which was more than I had hoped for. My mind drew back from the moment and wandered to another time, my first sourcing of the flame ...but I did not linger there, too many senses were inflamed with Artenimis so near for me to linger far from her in this hunger time.

Her stride matched mine as we found our way to the huge oak tree that had laid itself open, offering its heart as shelter to the woodland creatures. Tossing the sack of cloth inside I made myself busy with the task of preparing the bed. Already assuming the role of vessel, I was admitting my weakness by my actions. She did not turn from me, but instead gathered me in her arms and pulled me to the bed. Our bodies met with the crash of lightning and thunder ...the passion swept in with fervor and played on our senses as we struggled to breathe the ways of the flame to one another ...she in her want ...and I in my need. We challenged the strength between us and laughed aloud when we made the clumsy mistakes a novice might make while enjoying the soothing touch of a sister's nurturing.

I silently gave my will over to the Goddess and lay watching as Artenimis disrobed. From her pack she took a deep sea blue sarong and tied it about her waist. Kneeling beside me she asked softly, "Yours?"

I rose and stripped myself skyclad, and taking the deep red sarong of my web from my pack I tied it about my breasts, noticing as I did so that she drew contentment from my decision to be her vessel first. By their very nature the sarongs we wore spoke of our acceptance of the Goddess ...and gave us full access to one another. She leaned back against the bedding and watched as I drew the oils from my pack and began to massage her feet and legs, moving upward ...slowly.

With gentleness and complete submission I lingered where she responded and moved on when she gave no sign of pleasure. As I neared her lips of privacy she moaned softly and whispered, "Linger there warrior... I have need of you there..."

Her hands guided my wandering entranced tongue until she found herself satisfied ...and I was silent in my claiming of her in this way ...knowing it would be a much more intense claiming later, when the sourcing began.

She raised herself up and drew me gently by the hair to kiss her. "Speak your name to me Warrior, I would know who worships my altar..."

Her whisper demanded my attention and I breathed it into the nape of her neck as I drank from her there. "I am called Menidae, source and flame carrier of the Goddess Hecatate, in my web."

Her sigh spoke to me from the depths of her being as I locked my teeth into her skin ...the first claiming mark now lay upon her ...and she groaned and bid me bite deeper.

In a swift movement she turned the tide upon me and I lay beneath her, gasping at the quickness of her strength. Finally, a womon who could easily kill me, she wouldn't, but could, and the knowledge fed my arousal. Excitement rose in my veins as expectation coursed through my body. I felt her strength wane to gentle caresses of my breasts ...teaching my nipples the lessons of her want ...and they obeyed ...oh, how they obeyed!

Moving in rhythm she rode her needs upon me ...thrusting her pelvis into mine with the force of her warrior self ...and I submitted and found her pace. Keeping time with her until I felt the rush of the flame overcome us both as we mutually let go of reality in unison. Never had I felt such depth in a womon's touch ...such taking as what she had just raked across my soul. There would be no other this lifestrand to match our mating, and we both knew it.

"Should we speak vows Menidae, will you bring yourself to me again in the ritual ways?" she asked, in the mid of the intensities, knowing full well that I would promise my soul if she but asked. But instead, she only asked of my grace to the gift we shared.

"If the Goddess blesses our journeys apart from one another womon, I shall return to your side, it is my vow."

"Then I make the same claim and vow Menidae. Next turn of the full moon I will come to tend flame with you, and will continue to do so until love no longer flows, as it does now, between us."

The air was charged with the residue of our lovemaking, and we lingered there for a time, exploring the ways of each other's bodies, knowing that the dawn crept ever closer. Its impending arrival gave us reason to dread the moment we must part ...knowing it was the parting that would flame the craving. Knowledge that the craving would bring us again to the fires did not make it easier.

As Artenimis stood she lingered over my sarong, gently tending to it as she folded it and stored it in my pack. She had once again assumed the mantle of the womon vessel and she wore it well. "Keep that..." The words slipped my lips unguarded.

Artenimis turned, "You seek to share my heart also warrior?" Her delighted smile lit her eyes. I dared not hope. She untied her blue sarong and lifted it to her lips, and after kissing it she let it drift to my lap. "I tend flame eternal with you warrior, so mote it be, for as long as love shall last and grow between us."

It seemed like years passed in those moments that we held one another watching the sun rise. The night's loving was still resting fresh in our hearts as I murmured, "You have sourced me well sister. I will tend the webstrands renewed. I love you, sister." I extended my wrists and she mated hers to mine.

She drew me close and whispered in my ear, "And so soon parted… may my heart journey well within its new home ...return to me ...lover."

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, shall keep me from you ...now that you exist ...womon." My hands gently turned her as I braced her against the tree that had sheltered us. "Wait here for my return when you come again..."

"I will..." she whispered, and for the first time I saw true strength in the new weakness of her love of me ...and I gained more faith ...to carry on the pagan ways.


© Melody Adams ~Splitfeathers


Art by Jeffrey K Bedrick

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