Sacred Steps Womon

It is in me to speak of my feelings. If you are open to hearing this, read on.

I am already on a very long journey with you. You are mending, as I was, when we first met. You have taken sacred steps along the path of our friendship, and I respect you with a trust I have not known with any other.

I share myself with those I love. And I love those who share their walk with me, on whatever level they walk. For we are all angels, spirits and human, either way, we are free love and be loved by one another ...we are of the human tribe, sister.

I am not afraid to love you, because I am not afraid to lose you to that love …whenever you need to walk free of me. I care, in genuine fashion for your touch, and the whisper of your name upon my lips, weather in prayer for our friendship, or calling of your name. And what is more romantic than the anticipation of your shadow upon my doorsill …when again the clock gives us time to share.

Therefore, I will not harbor you falsely in my arms, heart, mind or soul. You are my friend …of many sacred steps …and I love you, just as you are for who you are. We do not have need, we have desire …and it harms no other.

Care well …think lightly upon the morning …for it is a day closer to seeing you my friend.

Happy Valentines Day,


© Melody Adams ~Splitfeathers


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