River Walk

I river walked your memory today
twisted willow and peeled thoughts of you away
I shed those things that had become so painful
and laid my heart on stone ...I felt so shameful
That I had spoken words that harmed you so deep
that you would turn your shoulder from me and weep

I walked deep into the current of what aches in me so
and spirit whispered back ...and now I know...
The river ...its like a lesson unfolding before me
And all I have to do is listen ...and I'll see
Life is much like the twists bends and turns of the Mother's veins
and we are all just vessel's returning to her again

We come up against some pretty big falls
And fear runs our course when we realize the impact of it all
The currents are our choices, pulling us ever into our walk
and the boulders are our elders who listen to our talk
The banks are our boundaries ...things we can move sometimes
Rapids express our rage at the seemingly unkind

And the calm ...ah the still of the river's ways
Embraces your soul and gives you back what has been taken away
So it is I walked river with your memory and asked to learn
What it is that strands us so on our path at every turn
And what hit me came from a simple rock that I threw
I can't keep you ...if I'm letting go of you...

And that hurts friend ...so deeply, and I know
You journey elsewhere. I can't stop you ...I let go
And as you step beyond the bend around which I can't see
I can only hope the river will bring you back to me
That you'll remember more than just the painful stuff
and loving me as I am ...well maybe, by then, it'll be enough...

Can't say really ...just somewhere deep, I hear spirit whisper still...
"You'll love her always ...I promise ... in all ways, you will."

So I see…
So I say…

© Melody Adams ~Splitfeathers


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