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Greetings.  I am a native of Port Jefferson, NY, and make my home in the Bay Area. I love the sun in all of its glorious stages,aka the nickname, Sun. Truly, I am happiest on the beach and I adore the Coastal Redwood forests here in California. A resident of Provincetown MA, from 91-99, Provincetown and the Cape are recurring themes in my writing. the sense of small-town community that permeated everyone who spends time in Provincetown is still with me. We hope to return there one day. 

Photography is a great love of mine so I am often looking at the world through a Minolta lens. 

A Professional Chef, Child Abuse Prevention Advocate and Trainer, I am currently working on finding the perfect spot to raise a family and plant a few dozen new trees.

I am honored to be a part of  Creative-Women.com. Be at Peace. 


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