Born in Italy, Arial spent her early years in the United States, has lived in Morocco, Syria and sojourned to London. Currently she is living in Paris where she's up to her PhD in Afro Asiatic Linguistics. Arial describes herself as a Radical Lesbian Feminist ~

Mixed Media 8 - Hubert
"The poetical Muse for this inspiration is Catherine Hubert's Art, Mixed Media ~ And I'm sincerely grateful to the Artist for having warmly welcomed my work" ~ Arial Vas

Hubert on her "Mixed Media" art series: "Life is indeed in the details and connections..."

Mixed Media 5 - Hubert



About the poetry ....

"It's in my intention (that) ambiguity is also part of what I'm trying to convey, employing some tenses and words just to be questioning about meanings. About the flow, I've often been intending the wrong line as the wrong place at the right time..." arial.vas

-Death, as the earliest consciousness of being, may be similar to feeling in love in front of Love's non-feeling…
-Silence, Loss of communication and Imagination
-Desire and Fragility
-Nothing becomes material when approaching too close
-THEN, suddenly THEN comes along as any WHEN has not been yet.
-Paradise promised: optimistic scepticism!


Delving further into the mind of the author and the poets "extension" of visual art ~

"In the intention of Cartier-Bresson, the image caught by this picture was to witness the gap in costumes and conception of morality which took place in the ’60s ~ Yet this picture had seemed to me (to be) still speaking, though of something else ...

The poet ... interprets Art as well as reality, say like raw material, so in my view beyond the photographer's eye my "extension" (would) be the regarding eyes of the older woman, a regard of desire and a projection of mortal life itself.

The world is Lesbian. Just need to look."

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