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Custom Code for Creative-Women Webring Navbar Web Ring

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To have this custom navbar for this ring, you must use the following instructions. If you read and follow the instructions, you shouldn't have any problems.

When you registered to be a part of the Creative-Women webring, you received an email that had a Subject Line: Webring: New Submission to Creative Women Webring

In that email is an important piece of information you'll need to use the custom code below, your SITE ID Number.

The body of the email looked similar to this:


You have submitted your site to the Ring titled "Creative-Women Webring ."  The information you submitted is:

Site Title: The Name of Your site
Site URL:
WebRing ID: your user name for webring
Site ID: ## (<~~This is the number you will need from the email to use the custom code below!)

Once your submission was approved, you received another email with the SUBJECT LINE: "Approval to Join Creative-Women Webring".   There was a link or http:// address in that email for where you should go to pick up the navbar code for the webring.

This is important!  Do NOT use the navigation code at that link! YOU WILL NOT BE USING WebRing's SSNB.  You need to use the custom code below, and use the site id# you were assigned in the first Webring: New Submission email.

The site ID# is unique to you, it will never change within the Creative-Women webring. In the code below in the box -  you will see the word BALL.  Where ever you see the word BALL, substitute it for your Site ID number.  I used the ## above just for demonstration purposes only. A number will be there for you... THAT IS YOUR site id number within this ring only. ONLY TYPE IN THE NUMBER, NOT ID=##

Here is the custom code for the ring. 
To make it easier, I have used the word BALL that is easy to see in the code that must be replaced with your Site ID number.

In the code, where ever you see the word BALL, substitute it for your Site ID number. There are four areas to input your id number.

To copy the code, highlight all the text in the box below and copy it. (CTRL C) 
Paste the code into your page then edit it as per the instructions above. Read all the instructions following the code to insure a successful installation on your site of the nav bar.

<td bgcolor="#000000" width="187">
<img SRC="writer_cwlogo.jpg" height=145 width=181>
<td BGCOLOR="#000000" width="335">
<b>&nbsp;<font face="Arial Narrow"><font color="#ffffff"><font size="+1" color="#FFFFFF">
Web Ring</font></font></font></b>
<p><b>&nbsp;[ <a href="">Previous</a>
| <a href="">Next</a>
| <a href="">Random
Site</a> | <a href="">List
Sites</a> ]&nbsp;</b> <br>
<b><a href="">Join

I have specified the image: writer_cwlogo.jpg to your root directory.

Please, do not reduce or enlarge it either in actual dimension or file size. 

Do not substitute any other graphic in it's place. Download the image from below. 

Simply right click and save it to your own computer... then upload it to YOUR OWN SERVER. 

If the graphic does not show—make sure you have:

   1. Saved the graphic then uploaded it TO YOUR OWN SERVER.
   2. The image path is correct. 

Right click on the graphic and "save as" to your hard drive into the folder that has your webring page or page that will have the webring code on it. You must download this image to your harddrive and then upload it to your site. 

Under no circumstances are you to link to this, or any other image on this site. That is called bandwidth stealing and this site can't even begin to undertake the expense such linkage would add to our webhost bill!

Please be sure to place the webring code on the page you listed as your url address when you signed up for the ring or the code will report a "broken" or "not found" in our webring management area.  If you have an actual webring page, and not using this code on your home page, please be sure you adjust the address you have listed with this ring! You can easily edit the address from within your webring management area!

For example, if you registered your site as having a url of, then the ring code needs to be on your index.html page.  If you're not doing this, then you need to show your site address with us with a full url to the exact page you are placing the code on. 
EX: If you have a sub directory, be sure to show that in there as well!

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