The Deepening
I Know You
The Goddess Of Life
Silent Screams
No Regrets
Come To Me
Wounded Knee
The Complexity and Parallels of Slumber
Dancing On The Wind

"Excerpts of A Wired Woman"
A Carolina Winter
Chapter One
Winter's Embrace
Chapter Two
Old Glory Days

About The Author/Artist

Im a Carolina Girl, born and bred in a town enriched with the arts. My life partner and I nestle in a quietly beautiful rural area but I have managed to stay closely connected to my roots. I started writing poetry when I was in elementary school; albeit it was a closely guarded (and never shared secret).
I was fascinated with word play and the fact that mere words could create and engrave vivid images in the mind. Ironically neither family nor friends ever knew that I loved writing until about 3 years ago when I began sharing my work. Some who have known me personally and read my writings have expressed shock and disbelief with an occasional I never knew at the depth or intensity of whatever emotion I may be expressing at the time. I believe everyone has a sacred soulsong and each is delivered in our own unique and personal dance. My words are my soulsong and the resurrection of my womon spirit. Its the voice that knows broken that lends the calling......the willing of one's spirit to get up and go on, when we think we no longer can. ~Windfield

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